Max Roach 1924-2007
Where do we start?
Mr. Max Roach was a true pioneer on the drum set. His
approach was highly unique both musically and conceptually.
No one before Max has wrote entire musical pieces for the
drum set alone. His "The Drum also Waltzes" is THE most
influential drum solo of all times.
We were all blessed to share the planet with this individual for
the past 83 years. Max has provided me with countless hours
of study and enjoyment over the past 30 years. I was so
under his influence that on Salem's 2005 "Strings Attached"
special edition CD I recorded my own version of his timeless
piece "The Drum also Waltzes".
Max was the first person I heard who needed nothing but his
ride cymbal to create the most intense atmospheres ever.
A True Master Killer.
Max Roach
Max Roach