This is Chapter 11 in the book. It deals with drum fills exclusively  
and has a collection of double bass drum fills that I use the most.
Since it is a complete chapter from the book, you have all the
information you need to get rolling and if you keep at it, it won't
be long before you assimilate the information and turn it into an
integral part of your playing. Good luck.

Fills Lesson

If you want to get your feet stronger and go over the most basic   
double bass drum beats ever created then this lesson is for you.
Again, this is an entire chapter from the Extreme Measures book
so it contains everything you need to know and be aware of
while working on this material.

Double Bass Drumming I

This is my personal singles warm up routine. I practice it in 6  
sets. Three for the hands and three for the feet. Everything you  
see on the pages is one set.
Find a tempo that is comfortable for you. Go for accuracy not     
speed. The second set should be 4-6 BPM faster. The same
goes for the third set.
The key to success here is practice over time. Keep at it.            
Improvement doesn't happen in a day or a week. Stick to this      
routine for three months while challenging your hands and feet    
with the tempos and then you'll see a difference.

Singles Warm up Routine
This one will mess your head up a bit. Back in 1994 I was
experimenting with Ostinatos. This particular ostinato is 4 bars
long. It is being played with both feet and your left hand. Your
right hand is the one improvising.
For your listening pleasure I found a home recording of me
practicing this "Thing" and I also included a chart straight out of
my sketch book that outlines what I am playing almost note for
note. Notice that somewhere along the piece, I displace the
motif, then I play the ostinato with a dotted eighth on the hi hat.
Interesting stuff.

"The Thing audio"

"The Thing" chart
Lesson One
Lesson Two
Double Bass
Lesson Three
Warm Up
Lesson Four
"The Thing"