Doudou N'Diaye Rose

Senegal master drummer with his extended band of
drummers and singers. The absolute ultimate West African
drumming album ever recorded.
It is so powerful that it sounds to me heavier than the
heaviest metal band around.
Yay to Peter Gabriel for putting out such great music through
his Real World label.

Meshuggah- Destroy Erase Improve

This was the turning point. Up until this album was released
metal bands were not respected in the global music scene.
Meshuggah changed that with this release.
I was overwhelmed by it when it first came out. It was so
complex yet aggressive that I couldn't listen to the whole thing
from start to finish... Too much information.
Since then more Meshuggah albums came out. Some I liked
more than others yet Destroy Erase is still their best so far in
my opinion. "
Nothing" occupies the second position and I
love it almost as much as I love this one (although it has a
slightly different vibe).

Ritmo Y Candela

Unfortunately, not too many people know this album. It
features three very celebrated Latin percussionists: Patato,
Orestes Vilato and Changuito.
It is the grooviest album in my 3500 CDs collection. Chango's
snare groove on the third track is off the hook. Orestes
Timbale solos on the second and forth tunes are amazing as
well and Patato's conga playing is so musical and in good

Jose Lugo Orchestra- Guasabara

The most massive sounding Latin band I have ever heard.
Great arrangements, amazing musicianship and above all;
my teacher, my mentor, my guru... the mighty Efrain Toro is
on percussion (joined by a massive percussive wall created
by five other percussionists).
Released late 2008 and already a classic. Rumor has it that
this album has been nominated for 3 Grammies. Nice to see
that the mainstream is embracing something so musical.
Get it already!  

The Art of Ancient Rudimental Drumming- Mark Beecher

This one is a beauty.
If you thought Western drumming had no deep roots and
traditions, you have to watch this DVD.
Mark is so knowledgeable, it is a humiliating experience just
watching him play all these wrist twisting rudiments and
beatings. This video will keep you busy for months.
An invaluable history lesson for drummers and an insane
library for what can be done with sticks... actually for what has
been done with sticks for the past 700 years or so.
Thank you for this work, Mark.

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