Influences and recommendations
Here's a very personal list of music that twisted my existence.
Music I get into is never the flavor of the month so it will be
very sweet of you if instead of downloading these albums like
cyber pirates you will actually get a legit copy.
Support good music before it becomes a myth.
This list contains mostly young blood. It is all stuff I got into
recently (and by that I mean the past 5 years or so).

Miles Okazaki- Mirror

One of the best albums I have ever heard. So intricate
(polyrhythmically) yet so musical. Dan Weiss (drummer)
should run for president. What do they eat for breakfast?
"Spiral" (tune number 2) is insane. The entire band plays so
musically while shifting around meters, phrases and odd

Avishai Cohen- Continuo

This band is the tightest. Very comfortable with each other.
The pieces are beautifully musical, most in odd time
signatures. Mark Guilliana (drummer) has a unique style that I
find fascinating and fresh.
I liked it so much that I bought
As Is... Live at the Blue Note
so I can see the band in a live situation (As Is is a CD/ DVD
package). Great performances. "Caravan" 's new
arrangement is a killer.
All together it is a great blend of Funk, traditional Jazz, Latin,
Fusion and World music. Yeah, man!!!

Gilad Hekselman- Splitlife

Ari Hoenig (drummer) is the reason I started listening to Jazz
again (last time it happened 12 years ago when I heard Bill
Stewart). I think I should apologize to Gilad for not saying
much about him but I was so intrigued by his drummer's
performance that everything else on that album got pushed
into the shadows.
Ari reminds me of Max Roach in the way that he makes the
drums SING melodically. His playing is so pitch sensitive and
his ideas are so melodic that it makes other drummers sound
like carpenters rather than musicians.
I also invested in Ari's extended discography and it is all good
yet there is something on this one that makes me the
happiest. Maybe I was paying attention to the rest of the band
after all.

Spastic Ink- Ink Compatible

The most technical album I have ever heard in my life. Too
bad that it is only available in Japan as if good music can not
be appreciated by European/ American record labels.
These players (some used to play in another insane band
called Watchtower) are mad scientists. It is also obvious that
they have been playing together for quite some time.
What else can I add? Get it!! It is worth the price of a
Japanese imported CD.

Intense Metal Drumming- George Kollias

Nile's drummer shows everyone just how insane he really is.
The fastest and most accurate musician I have ever
experienced and to make matters worse... He controls a
guitar just as competently.
Damn you, George. I love you to death.
Buy this instructional DVD now.
It is the only one you will ever need if you are into the extreme.
Yael Kraus- Boutique

What a beautiful album. So full of music. I am very proud to
know that this album was made in Israel. It leaves you with
nothing more to wish for; the songs are beautiful, production
is inspiring, the arrangements are top notch and Yael's voice
is so unique. My good friend, Tal Cohen is on drums.
I am in heaven!