We are so fed up with the music industry that we decided to
offer our new album for free. So here it is and we hope that
you are going to enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed
making it.  
The Gevald's secret hideouT
The Gevald Brothers- UnderCover
Be'er     Froind     Nakav

1. Hizam Nari (Nakav) 4:13
with Uri Pindek on Bass
2. Human Cubs (Be'er) 4:59
3. Brown Bucket (Be'er) 2:44
4. Kashmir (Led Zepplin cover) 6:22
with Nina Vouraki on Keyboards and  The Voice of Kristin E. Wallace
5. Wipeout (The Surfaris cover) 4:52
6. Seven (Nakav) 5:33
7. Igdal El Hai (Ancient Jewish Hymn cover) 3:12
with Yorai Oron on Upright Bass
8. El Toro (Efrain Toro cover) 2:50
9. Feel the Space (Be'er) 1:54
10. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover) 3:56
with The Voice of Avital Tamir, Niki on Violin and Ishay Berger on Bass
11. Heart of the Devil (Danzig cover) 4:45
with The Voice of Alona Daniel
12. Hizam Nari- The Full Monty (Nakav) 9:42
with Uri Pindek on Bass
Gevald Brothers on
Gevald Brothers on
And just in case you can not sleep at night in peace, feeling bad
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