Premier Gex-X
22x16 Bass Drums (2)
10x7 and 12x8 Toms
16x18 Floor Tom
14x6 Snare drum

Custom paint job

Snare Drums
Besides the Gex-X snare that I use for live applications, I am also the
proud owner of these wonderful works of art:

14x6.5 Pearl Tico Torres Free Floating Aluminum
14x5.5 Craviotto Lake Superior Solid Birch
14x5.5 Spirit Hollowed Log Ironwood
14x8 Pearl Vinny Paul Signature

Triggers and Electronics
ddrum triggers
ddrum 4SE module
Hart Dymanics Hammer
Hart Dynamics MultiPad
Roland KD-8 Kick Pads (2)
Korg Trinity synth (for sequencing)
Yamaha QY-70



16" HellHat™ Hi Hat Pair  
24" Indigo® Flatride Cymbal
4,6,8,12" Crash Course® Quadruple Bronze Crasher
12" Dustbowl® Quick Change Crasher
22" Liquicy Ride
24" Indigo Flatride
2 Splashvines  
18" Feather Crash
18" Feather China
2 Atom 19 x 23 3
16" Photon  
14" Photon
18" Whipcrash  
16" Indigo Crash
21" Ultra Violet Crashride


22" Power bell Ride (2)
17" AAX El Sabor hand crash
14" HHX Evolution Hi-hat
18" Legacy crash (2)
18" Evolution (2)
18" Xtreme (2)
18" O-Zone (2)
8" AA China Splash
12" Portnoy Stack (2)
10" Sound Disc
19" AAX China

Evans EC2 or Hydraulics (for Toms and Floor)
Remo CS, Powerstroke 4 or Evans Power Center (for Snare)
Remo Powerstroke 3 or Evans Emad (for Kicks)
Remo Coated Ambassador (bottom heads on toms and floor)
Remo Ambassador Hazy (Snare Bottom)

Pearl Power Shifters (2 singles)
Pearl Power Shifter double pedal
Pearl Demon Drive double pedal

Vater Fusion nylon tip