With Salem:
Collective Demise (System Shock)
Live Demise DVD (MD)
Strings Attached (MD)
Necessary Evil (Season of Mist)
Salem Underground DVD/ CD package (Season of Mist)
Playing God and other short stories (Pulverised)

Other recordings:

The Nir-Death Experiment (Brotherhood of the Wolf Ent.)
Tomorrow's Rain- Hollow (AOP Records)
The Gevald Brothers- They Ain't Heavy, They're Brothers

Sturmgeist- Operation Zion (Inhuman Music)
Dror Zamir- Insatiable Child (Indie)
The Gevald Brothers- UnderCover (Indie)
The Gevald Brothers- Are You Meshugganah? (8th Note)
Human Collision (TBA)
Dark Serpent- M.K.C. (Indie)
Strangeways (TBA)
Eugene Berger- Triple Core (Indie)
Nail Within- s/t (Listenable Records)
Arallu- The War on the Wailing Wall (The End Records)
Arallu- Satanic War in Jerusalem (Raven Music)
Glitter- How You Want to Play it (Third Millennium)
Selected Discography